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I go where I belong, inexorably,
as the rain that has lain long

in the furrow; I have given
or would have given

life to the grain;
but if it will not grow or ripen

with the rain of beauty,
the rain will return to the cloud;

the harvester sharpens his steel on the stone;
but this is not our field,

we have not sown this;
pitiless, pitiless, let us leave

The-place-of-a-skull to those who have fashioned it.


w/ Mitchell Kehe, Manon Bachelier, Orfeo T, Erin Renzik, Dan Annett, Cudelice Brazelton,
Erika Rios Hickle, Ashland, Lauren Allegrezza, Emily R Schiff-Slater, and a found photo by Katherine Cameron.⠀ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Curated by Tore Zhang & Leif P⁣⠀ / Executed by Leif P ⁣
Poem by H.D
Executed by Leif P⁣