Bleeding Heart

I’d dream to touch the sadness of the world
the bog of unenchant upon the eaves
I’d dream the waters’ grave from I’d retrieve
the lonely channels of your mouth’s inter

I’ve felt to hand corruption’s caudal fur
the night of harrow wood it had elide
and saw this were the sinister you died
I limn it laughing sadness of the world

lucific crack in mad a thunder scree
your limit licking laugh long nudity
immense in splendor last illumine me

I saw your sad as if a charity
in radiant in night long morphic sheen
and tears the tomb of your infinity.

Bleeding Heart

w/ Madie Shaver, Anastasia Yurchenko, Vanessa M Samp, minnt7speper
Alister Lebeau, Dani Arnica, Lisa Reich, Michelle Cibel, Matt DeLong, Hotpiss4,
Dasha Kuznetsova, Madara Grike, Cake Knife, Jayde Coxon⁣

Selections by Lief P and evA l'avasseur
Environment by Tore Zhang
Poem by Georges Bataille
Fotos: Lief P